Sabretooth Global works with industry leaders to solve their toughest challenges through applied innovation – leveraging worldwide resources, deep strategic alliances, and full-spectrum delivery across strategy, implementation, management and operations.

We help organizations implement their global business strategies by consulting with them to innovate, reduce costs, manage risk & regulation and leverage technology. In today’s global economy, risk and reward seemingly go hand in hand. While any new venture into an unknown place carries an inherent risk, proper strategy and execution can help your organization seize the potential opportunities and rewards. To succeed in times of economic uncertainty, organizations need more flexibility and new opportunities to grow. Locating and leveraging global connections can give your organization the competitive edge you need. Sabretooth Global leverages extensive worldwide relationships and networks to optimize and even transform business models to thrive in emerging economies.

As the world recovers from economic turmoil, organizations from across the spectrum are refocusing on areas that will help them achieve sustained growth. Two trends stand out as not only having weathered the economic storm, but continued to rise despite it: globalization and the rapid evolution of information technology (IT).

Emerging Markets
It is no secret that economic power and activity are increasingly becoming spread out across the world. The current economic recovery is demonstrating the resilience of developing countries. Studies suggest developing economies already account for a large percentage of world output and are helping to power the global recovery. Emerging economies seemed to endure through the economic turmoil far better than the developed world and are expected to generate a large portion of growth in the global economy for the next few years.

The dynamics and rapid evolution of IT is enabling new ways of doing business, making new types of relationships possible and providing new ways to connect across the world. Business today depends on technology as never before – to drive transformation, productivity and global operations. Companies that integrate these assets for effective decision-making can drive their competitive advantage.

The potential of emerging information technologies – to include cloud computing, mobile applications and virtualization – cannot be overstated. This trend has not only withstood the recent economic downturn, but has thrived in the midst of it. Technology has enabled companies to become more efficient, remain competitive and expand into new markets across the world.

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